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Jim Discusses LIPA Lawsuit with Councilman Cook and Deputy Mayor Kehoe on the Radio

On June 12, 2018, I appeared with Town Councilman Gene Cook and Northport Village Deputy Mayor Tom Kehoe to discuss the LIPA lawsuit on the Keeping It REal real estate talk radio show.

Watch the video: I weigh in starting around 08:44.

Post by Cit4L.

Our Town and the Northport-East Northport School District have been in litigation with LIPA and National Grid for the past eight years. The LIPA lawsuit, as the several lawsuits regarding the Northport Power Plant tax assessment are collectively called, is a critical issue facing the entire Town of Huntington. Unfortunately, the prior Town administration kicked this issue down the road for the current administration to handle in the eleventh hour, along with Governor Cuomo, who has pressured our Town to settle instead of fighting for promises made to us -- in a contract -- to be upheld.

If LIPA is able to successfully breach terms set forth in their 1997 Power Supply Agreement, not only would this devastate the quality of education in the Northport-East Northport School District, which hosts the four looming smoke stacks emitting carcinogens into our community, but the taxpayers of the School District would see a 50% property tax increase over the course of several years. The entire Town would be on the hook to pay potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in back taxes on the plant as well.

We are at a point where our backs are against the wall and there are no second chances. I applaud the efforts of Councilman Cook and Deputy Mayor Kehoe for getting involved in educating the public. We must take a hard look at all the options on the table and leave no stone unturned in our fight against this breach of contract, which holds the future of our Town in its balance.