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Leonick Provides Immediate Parking Relief in Huntington

Jim Leonick for Huntington Town Council is proud to offer immediate parking relief by sponsoring one of the five electric Qwik Ride vehicles for residents and visitors in Huntington's bustling village downtown area.


The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, Huntington Village Business Improvement District (BID), and Qwik Ride officials, in coordination with the Town of Huntington, launched the free shuttle service in mid-August 2018 to alleviate the parking crunch in Huntington Village.

The Qwik Ride shuttle service is completely free for the public as well as village employees, paid entirely by sponsor advertising on the fleet of five vehicles, which means it uses NO taxpayer funding, and we support that -- so much so, that Jim decided to sponsor free rides in one of the vehicles!

By September 4th, Jim Leonick's sponsored Qwik Ride has hit the streets!


While anyone who downloads the free QwikRide app can use the shuttle, the primary aim is to have village employees, who arrive for their shifts as early as 3:30 PM, park in remote lots on the outskirts of Town to free up parking for customers and restaurant patrons.

The free app-based shuttle service runs daily from the late afternoon/early evening through midnight and as late as 4:00 AM on weekends. The shuttle will make stops at the municipal parking lots located at Town Hall and near Prime in Halesite, and Rite Aid and Besito in Huntington Village, as well as other locations throughout and near the village, just request a pick up through the Qwik Ride app.