On My Opposition to the Villadom Project

On My Opposition to the Villadom Project

April 20, 2018

Dear friends, neighbors and supporters,

It is time for me to weigh in on the proposed Villadom project.

After meeting with the representatives of the movement against the project and then attending a civic meeting on Wednesday night to hear from the developer, I can confidently say that I have heard from both sides and have solidified my opinion.

Unfortunately the developer did very little to make his case or try to convince the large group present that this project will benefit the residents of the Town of Huntington. Furthermore, he did nothing to convince any of us present that this project won't dramatically increase traffic and jeopardize the environment and our aquifer. The only benefit to this project is the financial gain for the owner of the property and the developer. From the many residents that I have spoken to and corresponded with on this matter, I know that the community knows and appreciates that every property owner has a right to use and profit from their property. However, the community seems vehemently opposed to the down zoning of this property. Simply put this is too intense of a use for this property.

I stand with our communities and I am OPPOSED to this project. This project is not right for our town and not right for our environment. I encourage everyone to visit the Stop the Villadom page and the developer’s Villadom website and read the evidence for yourself. If you also oppose this project, please sign the online petition at change.org.

A public hearing is scheduled for May 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.at Elwood Middle School. Please attend and bring your neighbors!

In Community Spirit,

Jim Leonick