Reform Party Primary Election Shenanigans and What You Can Do -

Reform Party Primary Election Shenanigans and What You Can Do

September 6, 2018

URGENT ELECTION ALERT: It is crucial that Huntington's Reform Party members and all eligible primary voters (that includes anyone not registered to a major political party and anyone registered to no party at all) come out to support JIM LEONICK in the Reform Party Primary Election. Polls will be open THURSDAY, September 13th, from 6AM to 9PM!

Jim Leonick is the only candidate for Town Board endorsed by the Reform Party, a party whose ballot line symbol is a broom (talk about symbolism!), committed to cleaning up government from party politics to ethics reforms, transparency, and government efficiency.

Sadly, despite the Reform Party vetting and endorsing Jim Leonick as the true Reform candidate, Jim's opponent has ignored the will of the Reform Party and is waging a write-in campaign against him!

Reform Party officials supported the New Direction ticket in 2017 and they continue to support and endorse Jim Leonick for Town Board in 2018. Jim, whose long-time community involvement demonstrates he is in this fight for the people of our community and for good government to serve the people, not himself.

Jim plans to right the wrongs of the last 24 years, the wrongs that brought overdevelopment, corruption and inefficiency to our Town government.

Please put your support behind the true reform candidate, who has earned his endorsement, and vote JIM LEONICK for Councilman on Thursday, September 13, from 6AM to 9PM in your usual polling place for the Reform Party Primary Election this week. (Look up your polling place if you are not sure where to vote).


Team Leonick