VICTORY: Villadom Stopped! -

VICTORY: Villadom Stopped!!

After months of uncertainty, Villadom is STOPPED!! The developer’s withdrawal of his application for this Mega Shopping Center is a testament to the will of the people.

Jim Leonick at Elwood Middle School to Oppose Villadom

Thank you to Lisa Bloomstein, Andrew Kaplan and all of the Stop the Villadom volunteers and supporters for their efforts. The developer felt “the tip of the spear” and retreated.

The rallying of community members was inspiring, both in its magnitude and diversity.

Jim Leonick at Elwood Middle School Opposing Villadom

The Norman Rockwell scene at this past Thursday’s Town Board Meeting was uplifting and truly demonstrated the need for community involvement.

Jim Leonick at Elwood Middle School Town Board Meeting Opposing Villadom

Of course we must remain vigilant and ensure any new proposals for this property are in keeping with existing zoning and the needs of our community.