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Why We Must Stop the Further Downzoning of Creek Road in Halesite

June 4, 2018

Friends, neighbors and supporters,

Halesite is vulnerable to further downzoning for more out-of-place townhouses if we do not act swiftly. Agenda item #41 for the Town Board meeting scheduled June 5, 2018 at 2pm, if approved, will downzone a tiny, substandard lot from Residential R5 to R-3M for more apartments on 20 Creek Road.

This item needs to be voted down for various reasons:

  • The lot is only 80 feet wide. R-3M zoning requires a minimum of 100 feet. If we start downzoning the smallest of lots, is any residential neighborhood safe from Queens-style overdevelopment?
  • Health, Public Safety, and a Fragile Environment. The lot sits in a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) wetlands check zone. Across the street is the Mill Dam wetlands parkland, acquired with a 50% Federal matching grant. It’s poor public policy to build apartments sitting on top of a fragile wetlands park. Behind 20 Creek Road, the Suffolk County Water Authority was recently forced to close a contaminated well.
  • NYS DEC Segmentation issue. The Town Planning Department made it clear that the separate projects built (Creekside I) and proposed (Creekside II and now possibly 20 Creek Road downzone) pose an important issue of potential Segmentation. The Town under law would need to study the impact of all three projects on the environment before approving any projects.
  • Huntington Village Overdevelopment. The Village area has been overrun with apartments, choking the area with traffic. The residents I have spoken with across the political spectrum have had it -- they want suburban, not urban.

Join me in opposing this Queensification of quaint, historic Halesite, just north of Huntington Village and help keep Huntington suburban! Speak at the Town Board meeting scheduled for June 5, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at Huntington Town Hall.

In Community Spirit,

Jim Leonick